An Imposssible Telling


She is more than she senses
finding her place
Counting the promises
In a sky that gives up its blue

There is no falling
only the gentle wind, goodwill
And a winter moon

She doesn't have the freedom to refuse
a grand complication
Entitled to see her dreams
from a place of hope and plenty

 ©Gina 13 September 2015
It came as part of this prompt
 winner of the Sheffield (Tasmania) Sculpture Prize 2015

this poem came out of a poem prompt to create a sculpture for the Sheffield Sculpture Prize 2015
the poem and the assemblage came together beautifully - one hesitates to use the word effortlessly but it did flow once it poked my consciousness .... albeit problem solving in gluing, drilling and finding that very last little 'thing' it needed. ...
it won ! .... the poem of course contributes much to the whole given the judge reads and sees and thinks.


  1. Hey, Gina, how ya been?

    This is lovely, suggestive of situation and personality.

  2. Hey Bill .... fine you know, so very busy, happily so. Except one feels one has so many things to do and so little time ... HOW ARE YOU???? so nice to see you here. thanks for the fabulous comment ... you see more than i might have intended had i thought about it, but i love it, that such things come through. thank you